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KMSPico is an activator for one-click activation of Microsoft products. Everyone knows that in order to use Windows or Office, u have to buy them first, but not everyone can afford to spend money to buy a license. The kmspico program was created to solve this problem. It is known on the Internet as KMSPico Windows 11 – u can use it to activate any version of Windows and Office. KMS Pico has a wide activation functionality and can also activate microsoft office.What this program is, we understand a little bit. But let’s take a closer look at this activator.

What is KMSPico?

KMS Pico is an offline activator that can generate licenses and activation keys for Windows and Office by itself.

First, let’s see what exactly the application allows you to activate. Among Microsoft’s software products these are:


Some users claim that kms activator pico only works correctly with Office 2016 and 2019 versions. This is not true, because the office 2021 package is just as easy to activate.

Note: Please note that the .NET Framework version 4.0 or higher must be installed on your system for the application to function properly.

How to use KMSpico in Windows 11?

Now let’s move on to the practical use of the kms pico program. The first thing to do is to download and install it. Before installing the program, I recommend you to disable Windows Defender, because it can prevent kms activator from working properly.

If at the end of the installation process antivirus or Firewall show warning messages about the presence of unwanted software in the system, the program should be included into the exceptions lists.

is kmspico safe?

This tool will not harm your computer. The source where you download the activator from is very important, since many offer to download kms together with malware.That is why it is important to download only from official sources. The only official site for kms activators is We always make sure that the file is clean, only here you will find updated and up-to-date versions of kms.

1. After you have downloaded the archive, run the kmspico installer.

kmspico installer

kmspico password: 2222

2. During installation, follow the instructions.

setup kmspico

3. After completing the installation, run kmspico and select exactly what you want to activate (operating system or microsoft office 2016 under Tokens) and click on the cherished red button in the main window.

kmspico run

4. Done! Reboot the computer!

It is important to note that kms activator can activate not only Windows. But also some versions of microsoft office.

KMS Activator analogues.


That, in short, is all there is to the KMSpico utility. What this program is, it is already clear to many. The direct analogue of the activator, which exactly repeats the basic principles of kmspico is KMSAuto with a broader functionality, which allows you to activate the latest Microsoft products, including Office 365.
Download the activator and read more about it here.

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